Satelliti Analogici Operativi E Relative Frequenze

FO-29 JAS-2
Catalog number 24278
Launch Date August 17, 1996
Status Operational - check operational schedule for current times
Current Mode V/u
Voice/CW Mode JA Uplink: 145.90 to 146.00 MHz CW/LSB
Downlink: 435.80 to 435.90 MHz CW/USB
Beacon: 435.795 MHz
Digital Mode JD Uplinks: 145.850 MHz FM
             145.870 MHz FM
             145.910 MHz FM
Downlink: 435.910 MHz 1200-baud BPSK or 9600-baud FSK
Callsign 8J1JCS
Digitalker 435.910 MHz
Mode and Antenna Polarization V: RHCP
For current operational schedule for FO-29 AMSAT

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