Satelliti Analogici Operativi E Relative Frequenze

Catalog number 25544
Launch date November 20, 1998
Status Operational
Current Active Modes FM Repeater - U/v
Voice - V/v
BBS - V/v
APRS - V/v
SSTV - V/v
Available Modes and Frequencies  
Digital/APRS Worldwide packet uplink: 145.825 MHz FM
Worldwide packet downlink: 145.825 Mhz FM
Voice Region 1 voice uplink: 145.200 MHz FM
Region 2/3 voice uplink: 144.490 MHz FM
Worldwide downlink 145.800 MHz FM
Crossband Repeater Repeater Uplink: 437.800 MHz FM
Repeater Downlink: 145.800 MHz FM
SSTV Robot 36 Downlink: 145.800 MHz FM
Mode and Antenna Polarization V: Linear
U: Linear
Callsigns German: DP0ISS
Russian: RS0ISS / RZ3DZR
Packet Mailbox: RS0ISS-11
Packet Keyboard: RS0ISS-3
Digipeater callsign: ARISS
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