Satelliti Analogici Operativi E Relative Frequenze

Catalog number 28650
Launch Date May 05,2005
Status Operational
Current Mode U/v - Indian Transponder
Indian Transponder Uplink: 435.220 to 435.280 MHz LSB/CW
Downlink: 145.930 to 145.870 MHz USB/CW
Dutch Transponder Uplink: 435.225 to 435.275 MHz LSB/CW
Downlink: 145.925 to 145.875 MHz USB/CW
Indian Beacon 145.859330 MHZ CW
Dutch Beacon 145.860 MHz 12WPM with CW message
Mode and Antenna Polarization V: LHCP
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To know what transponder is switched on please listen for the beacon that is active. Each transponder has a different beacon.

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